The Giant Ladybug, located at the heart of the Children's Garden, was designed by Koons Environmental Design (along with everything else) and fabricated by a subcontractor prior to on-site mosaic work (in a range of  weather)
At first the Ladybug was the project I was the least excited about. Unlike most of my work, it had to be mosaicked directly on-site (except for the spots), thankfully with an assistant who contributed some great ideas
But the Ladybug ended up being my favorite project by far. Did some physical damage (that healed) but otherwise, this ladybug wants to be your / my friend! The Ladybug knows happiness/sadness and is a healer, I have learned! Children (and others) who are drawn to it might be picking up on the energy the Ladybug gave me. She can be a powerful force, at least she was for me. I love this project dearly. Totally unexpected! 
The following photos were taken in June 2024 (5.5 years after completion). It's holding up well

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