Ginkgo Daffodils
Project Ginkgo 2023: Year-round daffodils on Hancock Street
Ginkgo Downtown Athens, GA
Project Ginkgo 2023: The subject deserved to be the most detailed of the series
Ginkgo Blue
Project Ginkgo 2023: Inspired by a BLUE art project
Ginkgo Glimmer
Project Ginkgo 2022: Glimmery mosaic at the corner of Lumpkin and Washington
Ginkgo Rain
Project Ginkgo 2022: Mirror rain mosaic installed outside of the urban Target
Ginkgo Rainbow
Project Ginkgo 2022: A mosaic rainbow down the street from mosaic rain
A-MAZE-ing Game West
Project Ginkgo 2022: One of two R&B mosaics for the National Championship team
A-MAZE-ing Game East
Project Ginkgo 2022: One of two R&B mosaics for the National Championship team
Ginkgo Energy
Project Ginkgo 2020: A sparkly mosaic across the street from Ciné
Night Lights
Project Ginkgo 2020: Mimicking the patio lights at Ted's Most Best
Ginkgo Garden
Project Ginkgo 2020: Inspired by the nearby Last Resort Mural by David Jenkins
Dogwood Blossoms
Project Ginkgo 2020: Located in front of the US Post Office, next to several dogwood trees
Ginkgo Meadow
Project Ginkgo 2020: A ceramic red poppy meadow, located by the Chamber of Commerce
Ginkgo Soundscape
Project Ginkgo 2019: By Musician's Warehouse and near the Georgia Theatre
Ginkgo Flow
Project Ginkgo 2019: Lightpole base mosaic installed near the historic Morton Theater
Shiny Bikes
Project Ginkgo 2019: Located next to a bike lane and bike racks (by The National & Ciné)
Twilight Fireflies
Project Ginkgo 2018: Lightpole base mosaic installed outside of The World Famous on Hull St.
Night Owls
Project Ginkgo 2018: Ceramic Barred Owls mosaic installed by Creature Comforts
Ginkgo Songbirds
Project Ginkgo 2018: The second Project Ginkgo mosaic, inspired by the nearby Birdsong mural
Ginkgo Soundwaves
Project Ginkgo 2018: The first Project Ginkgo mosaic, outside of Flicker, near the 40 Watt Club
ACCGov to You Mosaic Van
Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office golden ginkgo mosaic van wrap